QTOO is the maker of exclusive bathroom faucets and accessories in timeless Danish design, produced in marine grade stainless steel and in a way that is in keeping with our principles on sustainability and responsibility.

When you place your hand on a QTOO faucet, you notice right away how we interpret quality:
Unique finish and precision, clever design and long life.

We want our faucets to delight you every time you use them. That is quality to us.

In practical terms, stainless steel is non-allergenic, as the content of heavy metals is significantly lower than in materials normally used to make faucets.

And when the day comes that you decide to replace your QTOO faucet – of course, everything is recyclable.

Our forces


QTOO has a yearlong collaboration with the well-known Danish design studio Hans Thyge & Co.
Hans Thyge & Co specialises in designing furniture, objects, interiors and branding. The studio has a long history of know-how and experience working with a variety og materials and production methods for clients worldwide. They have received several awards throughout the years in the inernational design scene.
The QTOO collections are continuously undergoing carefully selected updates and improvements latest changing the size of roses to give a more characteristic and expressive look and at the same time making it possible to implement new technical features. This is QTOO at the core; form follows function.


QTOO products have unique precision and finish. They are manufactures in stainless steel grade 316. Stainless steel in grade 316, also known as marine grade, is authentic and extremely durable. It is resistant to aggressive environments such as coastline areas and wellness and spa resorts.
All joints are tested for the risk of leakage at 15 bar. all wearing parts are carefully selected ind the best quality. We use only high quality spare parts such as ceramic disc cartridges. All products are manufactured in our own factory with severe quality control and we offer 10 years guarantee.


QTOO’s products are made from 100% recyclable materials. It has a long lifespan and remains beautiful. There are fewer heavy metals in stainless steel compared to normal chrome products. No chemicals are used ind the production of stainless steel, nor any contaminating surface treatments opposite the manufacturing of chrome taps.
We have integrated air mixers as standard to reduce water consumption.
QTOO is CSA certified and conforms to California code which means our products lived up to strict water saving standards. QTOO meets all requirements regarding production & working environment.


With QTOO products you can be sure to drink extraordinary clean water.
QTOO has obtained the GDV certification as well as the NSF/ANS161 certification, which is your guarantee that there are fewer heavy metal in the water compared with normal taps often made in chromed brass.
All our taps are lead free and allergy friendly.


Stainless steel has low maintenance requirements and is resistant to aggressive environments. The resistance is due to a thin, durable membrane that repairs itself. Should the membrane be damaged or removed, it automatically recovers, provided by regular cleaning. All products are to be cleaned with only soap or a mild detergent and rinsed with water afterwards and finished with wiping/ polishing the surface with a soft, dry cloth.
If discoloration or stains occur on the surface, these are not due to the stainless steel, but to impurities in water, air og cleaning agents that have not been thoroughly removed from the surface, these can be removed with a stainless-steel polish.

 QTOO is making exclusive bathroom faucets and accessories in a timeless Danish design. The design is made of high-quality marine grade stainless steel, which is by far the best sustainable material for healthy and clean drinking water. At QTOO we offer a wide selection, whether it should be recessed luminaires, or it should be mounted in a worktop or sink. We make it possible to bring the spa experience home to your bathroom, as luxury, quality and high-end are some of the values that we make our faucets after. QTOO believes in a life of beautiful design, outstanding quality, environmental responsibility and solutions that benefit our health. Our products have exceptionally long lifespans and remain beautiful.

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